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What’s to Come

7 Feb

calendar picSo what in the world can be so enthralling that could possibly keep me from the wonderful land of “Blog”? Oh…everything!  Holidays, field trips, laundry, house cleaning, sickness, and writing have sucked up my time like a vacuum.  But I wanted to fill you all in on what is on the calendar for Kristi & Dave Grimm so far in 2015. By the way, what in the world happened to January?  I am quite sure that I missed it! I can’t be the only one that feels that way…can I hear an AMEN!

I announced awhile back on my fb page that I have finally broadened my playing field and have written my first children’s novel for preteens.  After months of passing the story around to friends and family to get suggestions and then having it professionally edited I am now at the stage of trying to find an agent.  Yes, you heard me.  I am going to take my first step out of the self-publishing world and see if I can survive in the domain of main-stream publishing. Yikes!  It’s a little scary to think about, but I am determined to give it my best effort.  I have already chosen a few agents to test the waters. Then again, if anyone has any suggestions of agents that are willing to give me a look-see, I would be ever so grateful.

While we wait to see if this new venture takes root I am still enjoying selling and promoting my Mommy, Tell Me a Story series.  In fact, we are already starting on the next book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Horse.  It has been over a year now sense we published our last book in this series so we are really excited to start adding to the collection again.

My hubby Dave took a break from illustrating my books to finish two wonderful books for a new author.  If you would like to see these two projects you can find them on amazon.com or barnsandnoble.com under author Ann Anovitz.  They are very sweet books and are definitely worth checking out.

I have also been busy planning book events for 2015.  This is my favorite part of being an author! It is my chance to meet and greet as many little ones as I can.  Just today, Dave and I spent several hours at the Gilbert Art Walk, not far from our home here in AZ, signing and selling books.  I can’t tell you how much we enjoy seeing a little boy or girl hugging one of our books as they walk away from our booth.

For my local followers, here is a list of places we will be in the next couple months:

February 27- Boulder Creek Elementary

March 7- Gilbert Art Walk

March 14- Tucson Festival of Books (Richer Life booth…Sat. & Sun. 1:30-3:30)

March 30- Desert Vista Elementary

April 11- Gilbert Global Village

We love to visit schools in the Phoenix area so if your son or daughter would like us to visit their school let me know, and I will see what we can do to make it a reality.

Well I think you are all caught up now.  I value all of my readers and hope that this blog finds you well.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of 2015!




It’s Getting Close

3 Mar


I had this great New Year’s resolution that I was going to be better about blogging more in 2014 and now it is March, and I have only gotten one blog done. Ugg!  I am pretty sure I need 8 days in a week. 🙂

I am really excited to finally share some sketches from my new book coming out this summer (fingers crossed).  I already talked about it a bit in a blog I wrote several months ago. This is a brand new series about a little girl named Prinna Marie.  The first book is called Prinna Marie Goes Dancing.

This new series is definitely the byproduct of all things girly!  This is the only reason that I decided to collaborate with a new illustrator this time around.  (My husband was actually relieved.) Once you see Theresa Higby’s lovely work you will not be surprised why I couldn’t wait for her to start on this project with me.  I don’t want to share too many spoilers, but I want to share just enough for you to get a taste of how beautiful the artwork is going to be.

Prinna Marie is just like any other little girl that likes to make new friends and play pretend.  After she meets a new friend, Sophie Grace, at the park they are soon off to the Fairy’s Ball.  What little girl wouldn’t want to do that?

Like me, being in a wheelchair never stops Prinna Marie from any kind of adventure.  I guess you could say that this makes her different, but then again maybe not.  That is my goal in this series. I want to not only show disabled children that they aren’t as different from other children as they might sometimes think, but also to show able-bodied children that disabled children are just like them in all the things that really matter.  They like to make friends, play games, and go on adventures just like anyone else.

Hello, my name is Prinna Marie

won’t you come and dance with me?”

They both smiled, for they knew right away

that they would be great friends that day.

I can’t wait to share Prinna Marie Goes Dancing with you very soon!

Mark Your Calendars

11 Sep
Meet Pearl

Meet Pearl

Way back in February I posted a blog telling you about a new book project for our Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series called Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish. Well I am happy to announce that the text and art-work was submitted to our publisher today and a release date has finally been set for October 7, 2013.

Our original desire was to complete this book by mid-summer, but things were delayed when we were asked to start work on our recent July release…Diabetes and Healthy Eating.

We are so excited to share this new story with your little ones.  As usual my husband did an amazing job on the art-work. He far exceeded my expectations.

In this new adventure you will travel underwater to a lovely coral reef and meet a little pink fish named Pearl.  She struggles with a shark named Clark that loves to torment her every day on the way to and from school about her fins that curl.  Everyone knows that fins shouldn’t curl.  Pearl not only learns in this story why and how she is special, but in the end Clark is no longer the tormentor but a new friend.

I know you will want to add this to your collection of Mommy, Tell Me a Story books so be sure to mark your calendars for October 7th.


So Much Happening

3 Jul

Little Mar

I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my blogging, but for good reason. We have been very busy with several new projects so I have many exciting things to tell everyone about.

 The first big news is that in just two days, July 4th, not only are we celebrating the United States’ birthday but this is also the launching date for our new book Diabetes and Healthy Eating co/authored with Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks.

 We are working so hard to spread the word so that we can reach as many children as possible with this incredibly important lesson about diabetes.  This book not only helps children with diabetes to understand their condition and how eating healthy benefits them, but it also helps children all over the world understand how important eating healthy is for the prevention of diabetes as well. Be sure to check out the book’s new website @ http://diabetesandhealthyeating.com to learn more details!

 Dave has also started again on our next Mommy, Tell Me a Story book.  In order to get the book on diabetes done on time we had to delay getting Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish completed.  We are still very excited about getting this done. Dave’s art work is looking wonderful as usual.  I should have some fun drawings to share very soon!  Details about this book are in previous blog posts.

 I also have even more news to share.  I have started another book series!  After starting the Mommy, Tell Me a Story series just over a year ago I have had many people ask me if any of my stories would deal with my own disability or related disabilities with children in wheelchairs.  Well to be honest, I really hadn’t thought about it until it was brought to my attention and this got my imagination rolling.

 This is how Prinna Marie Goes Dancing came about. Prinna is just like many little girls. She likes to play dress-up, play with her dolls, have tea parties and, yes, go dancing at far-away balls, in far-away lands where fairies dance in magic castles. I want children to see that just because Prinna is in a wheelchair doesn’t really make her any different than what any other little girl may be like. She will do things differently, but that doesn’t stop her imagination or her dreams.

 I have also been given the privilege of taking on a new illustrator for this project.  To be honest, I love my husband’s work as an illustrator, but this book needed a woman’s touch.  Explaining to Dave what a proper “Fairy Ball” should look like would be fair to difficult. Bless his heart, he would have tried, but the art work in Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish is already pushing the limits of his feminine side.  Trust me when I say that he is relieved to not have to take on this task.

 My dear friend Theresa Higby is a lovely artist and I am so excited to show the world her amazing talent. It really is rather funny watching us talk over the sketches that she has done.  The two of us start acting like we are five again.  With all the… “Oh, yes, that dress is perfect”…or “That is so cute”…and “I love the bunnies!” 

 All my other books have shown the side of me that grew up with a brother, played sports and now have four boys.  This book gives you a peek into the other side that loves lace, pink, cute animals and dressing-up on occasion.

 Theresa and I should be ready to publish Prinna Marie Goes Dancing by the first of the year 2014.  We just can’t wait to share all these incredible projects with your precious little ones!


           Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series…imagination inspired through color and rhyme

It’s Coming!

18 May

ImageMeet Little Mar


Wow!  Time is flying by so fast.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I got an e-mail from Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks suggesting a partnership in the development of a children’s book about diabetes. Now we are only a little over a month away from the book’s release, Diabetes & Healthy Eating, on July 4th.

 We are so excited about the potential of this book to help children all over the world cope with this difficult disease.  The more I talk to people about this book the more it solidifies how important this project is to the diabetic community.

 The average parent is trying to teach their child so many things: how to tie their shoes, how to keep their room clean, how to play nice with others.  If you are a parent you know that the list is almost endless. If you have a child with any kind of health issue, this task just becomes all the more difficult.

 At the top of this list are issues with food.  Ask any parent that has a child with food allergies or diabetes, and you will realize the amount of stress that comes with monitoring what they eat on a constant basis. Simple events like birthday parties, classroom celebrations or just eating out can become very difficult to handle. Today with so many children dealing with obesity, food is no longer becoming just a topic for these health challenges, but for all children.

 What child wants to be lectured about diet, exercise or nutrition?  No child that I know.  In fact I don’t know many adults that want that either.  This is why the idea of this book began.  How can we teach young children about these difficult issues in a fun and friendly way that will keep their attention and educate at the same time? 

 Children with diabetes and their families face such a difficult road ahead of them.  Unlike allergies that can diminish some with age or medication, Juvenile Diabetes is a life-long journey that can end very badly if not taken seriously.

 It is our prayer that this book can be a tool in making this life challenge a little easier for these little ones to face.  But we need your help to spread the word.  This book can help no one if they don’t know about it.  Please pass the information about this book to any doctors, educators, or parents that can share this with a young child that might be able to benefit from it.    

 You can pre-order this book or just learn more about Charles Mattocks and his quest to help the diabetic world by going to http://charlesmattocks.com or the direct book website @ http://charliesland.com.

Making the Move

13 Mar


2nd Edition now available!

I have some exciting news!  The Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series is being moved to a new publisher.  We are so excited about the new changes in store for us and want to tell you all about it.

Richer Publications: An Imprint of Richer Press and Richer Life, LLC is a full service, specialty Trade publisher whose sole goal is to shape thoughts and change lives for the better.  You can learn more about them at www.richerlifellc.com

Because of this move, we have been able to add some fun changes to our books.  The story line and art work are unchanged, but we have added some unique features that I think will make the books more enjoyable for little ones and caregivers alike.

The first thing we added was the “Big People Page.”  This is just an opening letter from us to all the “Big People” out there.  We know that we live in a world of great variety and not every child is being raised by Mom and Dad anymore.  There are Foster Parents, Grandparents, Single Parents, Aunts, Uncles and even friends that all long to help their
little ones reach their full potential in life.  We want to help them know what to look for in our books and give them a better understanding of our goals in this book series.

We have also added a “Fun Facts & Questions” page after the story.  I give simple facts about some of the characters in each of the books.  Our target age range for the
books is between 3-6 so I tried to come up with some things that they would find interesting to know and at the same time not too complicated for their little minds to grasp.  I also provide some interactive questions that will help reinforce some
of the lessons being taught in each book.  As a parent myself, I am always thankful for tools to help me in any way I can.

Last but not least, every book will now have two coloring pages at the back featuring the two main characters in the story.  After handing out countless coloring pages at schools and book events we discovered just how much children love them.  We do encourage caregivers to photocopy the coloring pages on the “Big People Page” so that
children can color them over and over again.

We think these new additions are a perfect complement to our series, and we can’t wait to share them with you.  The first book to be completed was Mommy, Tell Me a Story about What Daddy Does. It has just been released this week and can be purchased at amazon.com.  You can also purchase them through our publisher’s site for a special new release price of $10 @ www.richerlifellc.com.

The next two books should be done shortly so be sure to keep an eye out for them.  Our fourth book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish will be published through Richer Press as well with all these great new features this summer!  Happy Reading!



New Book Coming Summer 2013

17 Feb

I mentioned in my last blog that our new book is coming out this summer.  I am so excited because my husband just finished the cover, and as usual it is amazing!  I wasn’t going to show you, but I can’t help it.  I want everyone to get as excited about it as we are.

I have all boys so I don’t usually get to do anything in pink!  Well this new book has a lot of pink!  The main character is a sweet little girl fish named Pearl.  Not to worry, there is a shark involved as well to make the little boys happy.

Now that Dave has gotten the designs for the characters set for the art work, if all  goes according to plan, they will be done and the book will be ready for publication about the first of June.

As he gets more pictures finished I will try and highlight a few.  I don’t want to give too much away.  That will take away all the fun of the surprise!

Because I live my life in a wheelchair I am quiet use to being the different one in a group.  That slight deviation from, “the normal,” can unfortunately lead to bullying for
children or even adults, at times.  We all can relate to the humiliation of being laughed at.   When we experience this once in awhile it is one thing, this is normal, but all the time is another. How do young developing minds deal with being uniquely designed and the difficulties that this can cause?  That is what this book touches upon.

Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish is about a little pink fish named Pearl that has to learn why her curly fins make her special, but you also get to meet a shark named Clark that learns that she was special all along.  We can’t wait to share it with your littles ones this summer.