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What’s to Come

7 Feb

calendar picSo what in the world can be so enthralling that could possibly keep me from the wonderful land of “Blog”? Oh…everything!  Holidays, field trips, laundry, house cleaning, sickness, and writing have sucked up my time like a vacuum.  But I wanted to fill you all in on what is on the calendar for Kristi & Dave Grimm so far in 2015. By the way, what in the world happened to January?  I am quite sure that I missed it! I can’t be the only one that feels that way…can I hear an AMEN!

I announced awhile back on my fb page that I have finally broadened my playing field and have written my first children’s novel for preteens.  After months of passing the story around to friends and family to get suggestions and then having it professionally edited I am now at the stage of trying to find an agent.  Yes, you heard me.  I am going to take my first step out of the self-publishing world and see if I can survive in the domain of main-stream publishing. Yikes!  It’s a little scary to think about, but I am determined to give it my best effort.  I have already chosen a few agents to test the waters. Then again, if anyone has any suggestions of agents that are willing to give me a look-see, I would be ever so grateful.

While we wait to see if this new venture takes root I am still enjoying selling and promoting my Mommy, Tell Me a Story series.  In fact, we are already starting on the next book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Horse.  It has been over a year now sense we published our last book in this series so we are really excited to start adding to the collection again.

My hubby Dave took a break from illustrating my books to finish two wonderful books for a new author.  If you would like to see these two projects you can find them on amazon.com or barnsandnoble.com under author Ann Anovitz.  They are very sweet books and are definitely worth checking out.

I have also been busy planning book events for 2015.  This is my favorite part of being an author! It is my chance to meet and greet as many little ones as I can.  Just today, Dave and I spent several hours at the Gilbert Art Walk, not far from our home here in AZ, signing and selling books.  I can’t tell you how much we enjoy seeing a little boy or girl hugging one of our books as they walk away from our booth.

For my local followers, here is a list of places we will be in the next couple months:

February 27- Boulder Creek Elementary

March 7- Gilbert Art Walk

March 14- Tucson Festival of Books (Richer Life booth…Sat. & Sun. 1:30-3:30)

March 30- Desert Vista Elementary

April 11- Gilbert Global Village

We love to visit schools in the Phoenix area so if your son or daughter would like us to visit their school let me know, and I will see what we can do to make it a reality.

Well I think you are all caught up now.  I value all of my readers and hope that this blog finds you well.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of 2015!




Upcoming Events

6 Sep

It is hard to believe that it hasn’t even been a year since my husband and I published our first book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Car that came out in January. Our second book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Plane only came out in May. If all goes according to plan, our third book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about What Daddy Does should be out this month. Wow! This has been a busy year! Dave and I have agreed that we are going to take a break from publishing for a bit so that we can promote these three, and enjoy the holidays before we start up again. We can’t wait to get started on the fourth book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish in 2013. The story is written already; it just needs a little editing before it is ready to go. Dave still has to develop the characters on paper before the illustrations can come to life as well. It is always fun watching this happen.

Kristi and Dillon GrimmWe have been so thankful for the wonderful response to our books. Dave and I have been able to go into several schools to read our books, we have had three book signings, we have had an article written in a local paper, and we were allowed a short segment on a local TV show, all since our adventure began in January 2012. Starting this month, things are going to get a little busier for us.

September 14th- I will be interviewed on “Networking Arizona” KFNX 1100 AM radio show from 3:30-4:00.  For those of you not in the Arizona area, you can also listen at www.1100kfnx.com. This is my first radio interview, so wish me luck. I will be doing some a book give-away during the broadcast, so if you would like to win a free book, be sure to try and call into the station at the right time.

September 19th- We have been invited to participate in a literacy event at Mountain View Elementary School in Phoenix. We are really looking forward to spending the day with lots of little ones who love to hear stories. Dave also has fun drawing characters for them on the board. They always enjoy seeing the artwork from the books unfold right in front of them.

October 5th- We will be visiting my almamater, Biola University, to promote our books at their Alumni Weekend. It is always fun to mix business and pleasure. I get to show off our books and see old friends and professors all at the same time. Sounds good to me!

October 20th- We are thrilled to have our first book signing at a Barnes & Noble. If you have friends or family in the Dallas area, be sure to let them know that we will be at the Southlake location for “Story Time” and a book signing afterwards.

As we look at what we have done and what is in the future, we are so excited to see what is in store for us next. Hopefully we can keep up!