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It’s Getting Cooler

23 Oct

FallIf you live in central AZ, you know the joy that comes over your whole being when the first signs of fall actually appear on your outdoor thermometer. (This picture was actually taken in Kansas…I love the fall colors.) I’m sure it is the same reaction that anyone in our northern states has when spring arrives.  I know that many states can have over 100 degree temperatures, but not for as many days in a row as we can have.

Unlike our northern neighbors, that tend to spend more time inside in the winter, we on the other hand, spend most of the summer inside.  With the onset of fall, everyone dusts off their bikes and hiking shoes with the vigor of a hungry bear after a long hibernation.

So like many of my fellow Arizonans, I have started filling up my calendar with as many events as possible to make up for lost time.  I am always open to suggestions as well, so if you know about a fun event in the Phoenix area, please share!

So far I have:

October 23rd- School Visit at Banner Academy in Tempe

October 23rd & 24th- Book Signing at Sydney’s Café & Market at Tempe Market Place

Friday from 4-7pm (Story time-5pm)

Saturday from 12-5pm (Story time-2pm)

November 14th- Gilbert Art Walk in Downtown Gilbert

9-1pm by Water Tower

November 20th-21st- Candy Cane Lane Craft Boutique & Holiday Market

First Baptist Tempe- 4525 S. Mc Clintock Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282

Friday from 4-8pm

Saturday from 9-3pm

December 5th– Red Mountain Library Children’s Book Event Mesa, AZ


January 16th-  Gilbert Art Walk in Downtown Gilbert

February 20th- Gilbert Art Walk in Downtown Gilbert

March 19th- Gilbert Art Walk in Downtown Gilbert

We cannot wait to share our books, and love for story telling at all of these events. I’m hoping we will be adding more events to this list soon.  If any of you can come to one of these activities, be sure to drop me a note so we can make sure to look for you.

Yeah, for cooler weather!



29 Mar

Image Raising our children can always involve a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I can’t tell you how many times in a day I wish there was a rewind button that I could push.  Not only for myself as a parent but for my son as well. Remember the good old days when playing a game with friends we would say, “Do over!”

Then again, what those moments teach us is how to have compassion to those around us when they suffer from the same fate.  How many times do we hear a child or even an adult for that matter say, “Well, they did it to me first.” That is when I hear my mom’s words echo in my ears. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

One of the joys of being an adult that still struggles with ADD tendencies is that I am still inclined to open my mouth before realizing what just came out of my mouth. The icing on the cake comes when I witness my son doing the exact same thing!  Ugh! So where is that rewind button!!! Thank goodness that is when “God’s mercies are new every morning!”

A few days ago the tables where actually turned and I came face-to-face with someone that desperately wanted a rewind button in front of them.  A child at my son’s school said something to me that he shouldn’t have said.  When I confronted him with it, I knew he knew it too. It involved something slightly unkind that he had done to my son. What it was is really not the important issue. What transpired afterwards is.

This boy and my son have had a difficult time getting along.  Now to be fair, my son has had his moments of contribution in the matter as well. None the less, after this issue was addressed with his parents a chain of events occurred that is quite precious.

The following day both my son and I received notes of apology and my son was given a gift card to McDonald’s which was paid for by the boy from money he had earned.  Step number one is complete. I was wrong, will you forgive me?

Step two is just around the bend in my son’s response. “Mom, wasn’t that really nice? Can I use this gift card to take him to McDonald’s?” Do you see it? Yep! That is what mercy looks like.  I was so proud of my son at that moment. Every one of us wants a rewind moment in our lives. If you are like me, I want it about once a day!!  Mercy is such a powerful tool.  This morning before school my son presented him with a handmade thank you card, and an invitation to lunch to McDonald’s (today is a half-day for them).  Suddenly the relationship between them made a 180 degree turn and off they went to play.

This concept is one of the main ideas addressed in my new book Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish. The main character Pearl shows compassion to the shark that bullies her every day; because of this something amazing happens to their relationship.

If we can teach our children to show forgiveness and mercy even when it might not be fully deserved, the possibilities are endless. Will it always have a happy ending? No, but will it be more happy then sad?  I would be so bold as to say, “Yes!” This does not mean that consequences should not be given when they are required, but that open arms are always waiting at the other side. We have allowed the “do over” play to come into the game of life. So maybe not a rewind button, but maybe even better.




Go Fly a Kite

15 Jan


Telling someone to “Go fly a kite” definitely means different things in different contexts. This made me smile a bit as I was looking through some pictures from this last summer and saw one of my son flying a kite while visiting my family in Indiana.

In general we have not had a lot of luck with kite flying. Arizona is not known for being very windy and when it is, it tends to be gusty.  Those perfect kite flying days are few and far between.  I am quite sure we are not the only family that has two or three kites in their garage that have had a treacherous fate. 

What does continue amazing me though is how my son has crashed, broken and waved bon-voyage to numerous kites and yet will still eagerly come running in anticipation at another attempt when that perfect kite flying day arrives.

Now let’s really think about this. The concept of the kite is not new. In fact we can all agree that it has been around several hundred years. It takes no batteries or high tech technology to fly a simple kite.  In fact you can still make a pretty good one yourself. Now granted not everyone finds them interesting or wants to fly one, but I would venture to say that most everyone in America has tried to fly one at one time or another. Why?

Yep…you are thinking I am going to come up with some very philosophical reason for this that might have something to do with being one with nature or conquering the elements.  Maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t.  But in my mind I think it is much simpler than that.  It’s fun!

Sorry, but people just really haven’t changed all that much in the last two hundred years.  Kites were fun then, and they are fun now. Maybe kites aren’t your thing, but then again when was the last time you tried to fly one?

In this new year of 2014 when you find yourself over worked and over stressed, maybe you should take a moment and have some good old fashioned fun and “Go fly a kite!” Happy New Year everyone!


9 Sep
Time with Grandpa

Time with Grandpa

Well, my son just started 5th grade! “Where did the time go? Before you know it he’s going to be all grown-up!”  What parent hasn’t said this once or twice?

I even remember my Grandma referring to my dad and his sisters as “You kids.” My brother and I always found this very funny.  We would respond, “Does that make us babies then?” My grandma would just smile and say, “You’re the little kids, and they are the big kids.”

Now that I am a parent and a little older I totally get this.  I guess I have also come to realize that in some ways we are always kids.  What makes a kid a kid?  The dictionary defines kid: a child or young person.  I may not be a child anymore, but the likelihood that I am always going to be younger than someone else, until God takes me home, is pretty high.

I remember when my son was very little he asked when he was going to be older than his big brothers.  Needless to say, he was not happy when he found out that they were always going to be older than him even when he became a grown-up.

As children we look to the older people around us to guide and direct us to adulthood.  Why then do we suddenly stop this once we arrive? People haven’t stopped being older than us have they?

I am not saying that wisdom always comes with age, but the chances certainly go up.  There will always be a percentage of the population that refuses to gain wisdom from any situation.  Then again, I am still saddened when I see seniors being neglected or mistreated when they have so much to still teach and contribute to our lives.  I am equally saddened when I see a senior believing that they have nothing to offer the world any longer.

They have something that cannot be purchased for any amount of money, learned at any school, or inherited through any blood line. Good or bad, successful or unsuccessful they will always have something that you don’t. They have experience!  Don’t let that experience go to waste.  Let’s make sure we pass it along because some day our children will be all grown-up and they will need to do the same.

Make spending time with the seniors in your life a priority for you and your children today. Before you know it they will be all grown-up and you don’t want to find yourself asking “Where did the time go?”

So Much Happening

3 Jul

Little Mar

I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my blogging, but for good reason. We have been very busy with several new projects so I have many exciting things to tell everyone about.

 The first big news is that in just two days, July 4th, not only are we celebrating the United States’ birthday but this is also the launching date for our new book Diabetes and Healthy Eating co/authored with Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks.

 We are working so hard to spread the word so that we can reach as many children as possible with this incredibly important lesson about diabetes.  This book not only helps children with diabetes to understand their condition and how eating healthy benefits them, but it also helps children all over the world understand how important eating healthy is for the prevention of diabetes as well. Be sure to check out the book’s new website @ to learn more details!

 Dave has also started again on our next Mommy, Tell Me a Story book.  In order to get the book on diabetes done on time we had to delay getting Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish completed.  We are still very excited about getting this done. Dave’s art work is looking wonderful as usual.  I should have some fun drawings to share very soon!  Details about this book are in previous blog posts.

 I also have even more news to share.  I have started another book series!  After starting the Mommy, Tell Me a Story series just over a year ago I have had many people ask me if any of my stories would deal with my own disability or related disabilities with children in wheelchairs.  Well to be honest, I really hadn’t thought about it until it was brought to my attention and this got my imagination rolling.

 This is how Prinna Marie Goes Dancing came about. Prinna is just like many little girls. She likes to play dress-up, play with her dolls, have tea parties and, yes, go dancing at far-away balls, in far-away lands where fairies dance in magic castles. I want children to see that just because Prinna is in a wheelchair doesn’t really make her any different than what any other little girl may be like. She will do things differently, but that doesn’t stop her imagination or her dreams.

 I have also been given the privilege of taking on a new illustrator for this project.  To be honest, I love my husband’s work as an illustrator, but this book needed a woman’s touch.  Explaining to Dave what a proper “Fairy Ball” should look like would be fair to difficult. Bless his heart, he would have tried, but the art work in Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish is already pushing the limits of his feminine side.  Trust me when I say that he is relieved to not have to take on this task.

 My dear friend Theresa Higby is a lovely artist and I am so excited to show the world her amazing talent. It really is rather funny watching us talk over the sketches that she has done.  The two of us start acting like we are five again.  With all the… “Oh, yes, that dress is perfect”…or “That is so cute”…and “I love the bunnies!” 

 All my other books have shown the side of me that grew up with a brother, played sports and now have four boys.  This book gives you a peek into the other side that loves lace, pink, cute animals and dressing-up on occasion.

 Theresa and I should be ready to publish Prinna Marie Goes Dancing by the first of the year 2014.  We just can’t wait to share all these incredible projects with your precious little ones!


           Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series…imagination inspired through color and rhyme

It’s Coming!

18 May

ImageMeet Little Mar


Wow!  Time is flying by so fast.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I got an e-mail from Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks suggesting a partnership in the development of a children’s book about diabetes. Now we are only a little over a month away from the book’s release, Diabetes & Healthy Eating, on July 4th.

 We are so excited about the potential of this book to help children all over the world cope with this difficult disease.  The more I talk to people about this book the more it solidifies how important this project is to the diabetic community.

 The average parent is trying to teach their child so many things: how to tie their shoes, how to keep their room clean, how to play nice with others.  If you are a parent you know that the list is almost endless. If you have a child with any kind of health issue, this task just becomes all the more difficult.

 At the top of this list are issues with food.  Ask any parent that has a child with food allergies or diabetes, and you will realize the amount of stress that comes with monitoring what they eat on a constant basis. Simple events like birthday parties, classroom celebrations or just eating out can become very difficult to handle. Today with so many children dealing with obesity, food is no longer becoming just a topic for these health challenges, but for all children.

 What child wants to be lectured about diet, exercise or nutrition?  No child that I know.  In fact I don’t know many adults that want that either.  This is why the idea of this book began.  How can we teach young children about these difficult issues in a fun and friendly way that will keep their attention and educate at the same time? 

 Children with diabetes and their families face such a difficult road ahead of them.  Unlike allergies that can diminish some with age or medication, Juvenile Diabetes is a life-long journey that can end very badly if not taken seriously.

 It is our prayer that this book can be a tool in making this life challenge a little easier for these little ones to face.  But we need your help to spread the word.  This book can help no one if they don’t know about it.  Please pass the information about this book to any doctors, educators, or parents that can share this with a young child that might be able to benefit from it.    

 You can pre-order this book or just learn more about Charles Mattocks and his quest to help the diabetic world by going to or the direct book website @


Charles Mattocks, “The Celebrity Chef” and International Diabetes

25 Apr

Charles Mattocks, “The Celebrity Chef” and International Diabetes Spokesperson, Team up with Popular Children’s Book Author on New Book which Teaches Children About Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Front Cover.25

Phoenix, Arizona – RICHER Press announced today a July 4, 2013 release date for a new book written by Charles Mattocks, the celebrity chef, best selling author and Emmy nominated actor and Kristi Grimm, the author of the popular “Mommy, Tell Me a Story” Children’s book series.

According to Earl Cobb, RICHER Press co-publisher,  DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING, is a unique, colorful and well-crafted children’s book. It is wonderfully illustrated by Kristi’s husband and business partner, Dave Grimm and passionately influenced by Mr. Mattocks commitment to be a voice and a force for serious change in diabetes health, world-wide.”

“Our staff worked closely with both authors to develop a concept, storyline and layout which would create a book that would entertain and educate both young children and their family members. I honestly feel that our goal was achieved.”

The book’s release and global distribution will coincide with many summer and fall community health & wellness activities leading up to the World Diabetes Day on November 14th. The release also supports the launch of Mr. Mattocks’ National Diabetes Testing Tour. CNN will accompany and record Charles’ humanitarian pursuit to test one million Americans for diabetes.


DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING is what happens when the potentially frightening subject of children’s diabetes is approached with the right mix of truths, compelling rhyme, cooking activities and fun.

Through 42 pages of storyline, special recipes, coloring pages and a glossary of “memory” words, young children will learn how the foods they already know and recognize play a role in helping them control their diabetes.  DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING combines young children’s love of cooking with the proven learning tool of rhyming to gently guide the book’s main character through the process of getting answers to questions about his diagnosis of diabetes. Children with diabetes will embrace the friendly, inquisitive and furry bear named Charlie B. Marley, who likes to be called Little Mar. Since Chef Mattocks is the nephew of the late reggae singer and star, Bob Marley, the Marley name is a quiet tribute to his uncle. In the story, Little Mar loves cooking and wants to be a chef someday. When his Mom tells him that a really cool chef will visit his school, Little Mar is interested. But Little Mar gets excited when his Mom shares that the chef has diabetes too. Little Mar has lots of questions in his head about his diabetes and the foods he is now supposed to eat, so he plans to ask the chef for help.  DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING answers a child’s typical questions about food, sugar intake, exercise and healthy eating in relation to his or her diabetes. The special recipes, coloring pages and glossary of memory words extends the learning and engages children in the critical process of learning about diabetes.


Image  Charles Mattocks, Celebrity Chef & Worldwide Diabetes Advocate

Each career move Celebrity Chef Mattocks has made has been in keeping with his desire to touch lives in a positive way. Inspired by his uncle, the late Bob Marley, Mattocks dared to dream big. After giving a stunning performance in the title role of the Emmy nominated “The Summer of Ben Tyler” Mattocks could have continued as a successful actor. Instead this single dad decided the Hollywood lifestyle was not the best for his young son and moved across the country.

His need to create meals that were tasty, nutritious, and affordable led to his career as “The Poor Chef”. Appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, CNN and Dr. Oz gave him the opportunity to share what he had learned about feeding a family for less money. He became a sought after guest on local and regional radio and television stations. Once again he achieved success.

Then came devastating news. Charles Mattocks had type 2 diabetes. Reading all he could about the disease made him all too aware of how little he actually had known about diabetes. He was determined to save his life and knew he had to help others do the same.  “The Diabetic You” documentary, website, and movement came out of that determination to educate and inspire people around the world. He is doing just that. From appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America and scores of other TV shows and radio programs across the country, to interviews in Huffington Post, Diabetes Health, Forecast Diabetes, his regular blog on the Dr. Oz website, and more, the world is learning about Charles Mattocks’ war against diabetes. He developed a diabetic-friendly, gluten free treat called the “Charles Bar” that is in national distribution. Charles has also teamed up with Shire and is on a national RV testing tour he created that is going across the country to educate people about diabetes foot complications.

He is committed to providing free health testing for people from Orlando to Atlanta and beyond. His RV Testing Tour will appear at fairs, sporting events, malls and other venues. During a recent humanitarian trip to India, Mattocks helped test thousands for diabetes. In September he was a featured speaker at a prestigious TEDx Conference in San Francisco. A Blue ribbon champion for the International Diabetes Federation and spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association Chef Charles has just written their next cookbook. A tireless advocate for diabetics everywhere, Charles Mattocks, is determined to help stem the time of this deadly disease. Charles is also wrapping up his diabetes documentary entitled The Diabetic You and has just shot and is selling the first diabetes reality TV show entitled REVERSED. The best is yet to come as Charles is traveling the world and creating programs in other islands and countries. A voice and a force for serious change Charles will shake up the health industry. rv tour Fox news cnn tv show trailer india trailer Huffington Post

Kristi and Dave Grimm

are natives of Arizona and work as a team. Dave illustrates and Kristi writes. Kristi and Dave have been married for over eleven years. Kristi is a paraplegic from a horseback riding accident when she was 15. She is a 1993 graduate of Biola University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dave has worked as a city sanitation driver for 25 years. They are a blended family and together they have four sons. Their youngest son, Dillon, can be seen in all of their books as the little boy that asks Mommy to tell him a story. Kristi comes from a very strong Christian home which is the motivation for the values that she puts in her stories.

Their books include:  Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Car, “Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Planeand “Mommy, Tell Me a Story About What Daddy Does.” Their newest book titled, “Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Fish” is scheduled to be released this summer. Follow Kristi and the Mommy, Tell Me a Story team on her blog by visiting


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