Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish


FROM REVIEW BY A RECENT CUSTOMER “This is a wonderful children’s book. My great-granddaughter loves it and wants it read to her over-and-over. The storyline and illustrations make this book a real treasure.” Pearl is a pink fish who was born with very curly fins. Clark is a smart little shark who makes fun of Pearl and her curls. One day Clark has an accident with a boat and suddenly he looks different, too. Pearls learns that her difference is for a reason and Clark learns that when you are friends, being different doesn’t matter. This fourth book of the colorful, professionally illustrated “Mommy, Tell Me a Story Series” INCLUDES BIG PEOPLE’S PAGE, COLORING PAGES, AND MORE. We designed the Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series for little ones all over the world to help them express their own talents and see where the books can take them through imagination, lessons, and beautiful artistic expression. Our books are designed to help children tap into their abilities to make their own stories. We want to encourage young minds to understand that they too can come up with their own stories by just observing the world around them. ABOUT THE AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR Kristi and her husband Dave are natives of Arizona and work as a team. Dave illustrates and Kristi writes. Kristi and Dave have been married for over eleven years. Kristi is a paraplegic from a horseback riding accident when she was 15. She is a 1993 graduate of Biola University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dave has worked as a city sanitation driver for 25 years. They are a blended family and together they have four sons. Their youngest son, Dillon, can be seen in all of their books as the little boy that asks Mommy to tell him a story.

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