Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Car

978-0-9855699-9-0_Front Cover

Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Car

By Kristi Grimm

Publisher: RICHER Press
Format: Print and eBook
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9780985569990
Print Type: Color

Availability: E-Book : $13.99

Once upon a time there was a car named Rusty,
and his best friend was a dog…a husky.
His husky’s name was Trip,
and he’d sit in the front seat like the captain on a ship.

Rusty and his dog, Trip, love to do one thing together—race! In towns both big and small, Rusty, a flashy red car, and Trip speed toward the finish line. With the rush of the wind and the hope of winning in their hearts, Rusty and Trip round a corner with amazing speed.

The car and his trusty Husky only want one thing—to stay in the lead. But suddenly something big is standing in their way. As Rusty skids to a stop, he realizes that only time will tell if he and Rusty can win the big race!


We designed the Mommy, Tell Me a Story book series for little ones all over the world to help them express their own talents and see where the books can take them through imagination, lessons, and beautiful artistic expression. Our books are designed to help children tap into their abilities to make their own stories. We want to encourage young minds to understand that they too can come up with their own stories by just observing the world around them.

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