For the Love of Uggs

18 Nov

kristis photos 001With winter on the horizon I feel that it is high time that I break by blog silence with the sharing of what has become a long standing tradition in our home that involves Ugg boots.

Let me first explain that I was a teenager in the late 80’s and started college at Biola University, a Southern CA Christian University, in the fall of 89.  I was exposed to the Ugg brand a little in high school, because AZ is so close to CA their trends seem to come to us rather quickly, but I was mostly introduced to it in College.  Almost anyone that had a love for surfing had a pair.  This, I must emphasize, included mostly guys.  For the Ugg boot was designed by a male surfer, for them to wear after getting out of the cold ocean so they had something warm to put on their feet.

Now that you understand my original understanding of the boot, you will follow why when my son was about six I bought him his first pair of imitation Uggs.  Because my son is a typical AZ boy, the minute it starts to get in the 60’s he thinks he is freezing.  He was always complaining that his feet were cold and he didn’t like taking the time to put his shoes on before running outside, just like most children.  That is when I remembered my friends from college that had Ugg boots and how much they loved the fact that you could just slip them on really quick before heading out the door.  The natural wool lining makes it so you really don’t have to wear socks if you don’t want to, so most of my friends didn’t.

Needless to say, my son loved them.  He thought they were the greatest things ever.  I could hardly get him to wear another pair of shoes.  What I didn’t realized at the time, because I was just trying to save money by not buying  the expensive original Uggs, was that the fake fur lining on the imitation pair could begin to smell so bad!  I tried everything to get rid of the smell.  It got so bad that we had to keep the boots outside because they smelled so terrible.

Well the sad day finally arrived that the boots no longer fit my son, so I had to decide what I was going to do for the next winter.  I finally decided to scrape my pennies together and buy him his first REAL Uggs and see if that would help with the odor problem.  Do bears like honey?  What a difference!  The natural sheep skin was soooo much better at keeping the stench under control.  Let me tell you, our whole family was extremely grateful!

But I have to say that another sad day arrived, after I got my son his first REAL Uggs, when he was confronted with the notion that these boots were only “girl” boots.  Well, when you are a little boy of seven the idea of wearing girl’s shoes is horrifying.  It took a great deal of explaining and website pictures to convince my son that he did not have to give up one of his favorite treasures just because the fashion market had decided to change their gender target.

Now every summer our family saves up money for his new pair of winter Uggs.  It is a huge task, at least for us, because they are not inexpensive.  Not only that, but much thought is put into what color he is going to have as well.  We have now had black (that was the first pair), brown, tan, dark green, blue and now we have graduated to red.

To be honest, I am proud that my son, now 11, wears his Uggs every winter with no care to the frequent remarks that they are a “girl’s boot”.  As we continue our tradition of putting to rest a loved and very worn-out pair of Uggs, to welcome in a fresh new pair, we want to announce to the world that your son can also enjoy, work to destroy, snuggle in the warmth, save up all summer, and does not have to be ashamed or embarrassed that he is wearing a “girl’s” boot.   You now know that they are NOT just for girls and he can wear them along side my son… just “For The love of Uggs!”

This was NOT a paid advertisement for Ugg Boots. Yes, there are other brands just as good as the Ugg brand that have a natural wool lining.  This just happens to be my son’s favorite.


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