Go Fly a Kite

15 Jan


Telling someone to “Go fly a kite” definitely means different things in different contexts. This made me smile a bit as I was looking through some pictures from this last summer and saw one of my son flying a kite while visiting my family in Indiana.

In general we have not had a lot of luck with kite flying. Arizona is not known for being very windy and when it is, it tends to be gusty.  Those perfect kite flying days are few and far between.  I am quite sure we are not the only family that has two or three kites in their garage that have had a treacherous fate. 

What does continue amazing me though is how my son has crashed, broken and waved bon-voyage to numerous kites and yet will still eagerly come running in anticipation at another attempt when that perfect kite flying day arrives.

Now let’s really think about this. The concept of the kite is not new. In fact we can all agree that it has been around several hundred years. It takes no batteries or high tech technology to fly a simple kite.  In fact you can still make a pretty good one yourself. Now granted not everyone finds them interesting or wants to fly one, but I would venture to say that most everyone in America has tried to fly one at one time or another. Why?

Yep…you are thinking I am going to come up with some very philosophical reason for this that might have something to do with being one with nature or conquering the elements.  Maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t.  But in my mind I think it is much simpler than that.  It’s fun!

Sorry, but people just really haven’t changed all that much in the last two hundred years.  Kites were fun then, and they are fun now. Maybe kites aren’t your thing, but then again when was the last time you tried to fly one?

In this new year of 2014 when you find yourself over worked and over stressed, maybe you should take a moment and have some good old fashioned fun and “Go fly a kite!” Happy New Year everyone!


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