The Art of Play

2 Mar

Dog-pile Daddy!

You know the sound of children at play, high pitched squeals and spurts of uncontrollable giggles followed by efforts to catch their breath.  It is a universal sound that doesn’t require any language skills of any kind to recognize.  Every child in the world longs for it, and if in a pinch can figure out any way to do it.

Too often as adults we somehow forget how to play.  I’m not talking night clubs and adult beverages. I am talking about the ability to make your own enjoyment by seeing
a nice big mud puddle that just screams, “Jump in me!”  By wondering where that butterfly might be going and should we investigate? Being able to laugh at the shapes you see in clouds.  Maybe some would call it silly.  But is it?

Is it silly to show your children how to laugh at yourself?  Is it silly to show your children that growing-up doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the simple things in life anymore?  Is it silly to show your children that an adult can laugh and enjoy themselves without the aid of alcohol or drugs?

Is a beer or glass of wine bad in itself?  I don’t personally think so, if you happen to enjoy the flavor of beer or wine and you can control how much you are drinking.  But are your children seeing that you can’t relax or hang with your friends without one?
Hmmm…isn’t that showing them that this is a necessary requirement for “play” as adults?  Is it no wonder that teenagers are so quick to turn to drugs or alcohol to “have a good time?”  We have just spent a great deal of time showing them that their way of play isn’t as good and ours.

I find this so sad.  For years these little ones have mastered the art of play.  But by our example we are showing them that they must be wrong.  They must outgrow their “childish” behavior.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think a sign of maturity in any person is the ability to know when to play and when not to.  This is what children need to learn about play not how to change it.  So what is wrong with playing with blocks?  Who says an adult can’t do it?  Who made that rule?

Have you ever seen a parent buy a toy for their child?  We have all been there!  We are thinking, “This is totally cool!  I want to play with this.”  We live in a world where most adults have forgotten how to play.  They have forgotten how to laugh just because laughing is fun!  Let your children see you having fun with them.  Let them see that you haven’t forgotten how to play!

I think the average adult would find that children aren’t as stressed because they know something we don’t…how to play the right way!


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      Patty, I can always count on you to say something sweet!

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