What’s so Special about Baby Wipes?

25 Nov

I am quite sure that the very first person to invent baby wipes could not have possibly come close to understanding the important role this product would play in our world
today.  I could not function half as well on a daily basis without this particular product.  In fact, if you are a new mother or father just get use to buying baby wipes regularly because their usefulness will continue far past the baby years!

I know you are thinking, “Is she really going to write a whole blog about baby
wipes?”  If you have been a mother or father for any length of time you will not be surprised, but if you have no children and have never used a baby wipe you might change your mind about their importance after I tell you about all the magical things for which they can be used.

  1.  A friend or family member arrives unexpected.  Grab a baby wipe and quickly wipe down the bathroom.
  2.  It works so much better than hand sanitizer because it actually gets the dirt off.
  3.  Your little one wants to help you clean but you can’t hand them a product with bleach in it.  Give them a baby wipe and let them clean the mop-boards.
  4. You start to go out the door but realize you have something on your shirt. Grab a baby wipe because it usually works.
  5. Going on a road trip?  Make sure you have baby wipes in your car because they can clean most spills, and your kids (or yourself) can wash their hands if they get sticky or dirty.
  6. With little ones around they are bound to step in something undesirable.
    No problem!  Baby wipes are great to get that off.
  7. They work fantastic at cleaning anything hard to get around like wheelchairs (OK that only applies to me), bikes, strollers, computer keyboards or just about anything plastic.
  8. You go to the park for a picnic, but there is bird stuff all over the picnic bench. This is no problem if you have some baby wipes in your bag.

There are so many more things that I could list, but I think you are starting to get the
idea.  I would love to hear about all the interesting things that you do with this amazing product as well.  Now if you see someone buying baby wipes in the store you know to not automatically think that they have a baby.  They might just be a very smart person.



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