The Barbie Bed

11 Oct

Growing up I was very convinced that my parents had to be poor because I never had a lot of toys.  I look back now and I am so thankful that I didn’t have all the toys that the neighborhood kids had because my brother and I were forced to develop our imaginations and creativity instead.  A perfect example of this is the story of the “Barbie Bed”.

I started babysitting when I was 12.  One of my first jobs was for a family a couple blocks away that had two little girls that where 7 & 9.  One day I caught them fighting over a plastic Barbie Bed.  After realizing that they were not going to solve this problem without some intervention I actually starting laughing.  They looked up in surprise at my response.  My reply was, “Why would you want to fight over that bed?  I’ll show you how to make a REAL Barbie bed.” I then proceeded to make a list of all the things I would need for this

1.  Small baby blanket
2.  Facial tissue
3.  Handkerchief (you can use a tissue for this as well if you don’t have one)
4.  Scotch tape
5.  Wash cloth
6.  Cotton  balls
7.  Small shoe box (must fit Barbie, but you can make the bed without the shoe box too.

Off they went with giggles of delight to find the needed supplies.  Soon they were sitting in front of me with there eyes wide open with anticipation, and their treasures spread out on the floor.  Step one was to fold the baby blanket to fit into the shoe box.  Now this is our mattress.  Step two,  take the handkerchief and tuck it around the new mattress for a sheet.  Next we needed a blanket for our bed so we took the washcloth and put it over our
sheet.  Finally we took the facial tissue and wrap it around several cotton balls and taped it closed for a nice fluffy pillow.  DONE!  In no time at all we had made a very cool Barbie bed.

I will never forget the looks on their faces.  It never occurred to them to MAKE a bed instead.  Now the race was on to find more material to make a second bed because the old plastic bed was no longer desired.  In fact I don’t believe that they ever used the plastic bed again.  The next time I babysat them I showed them how to make a giant Barbie staircase from the floor to their bed out of books and cloth napkins.  Oh the joy of imagination!!


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