A New Adventure

1 Oct

I have found that life is just not always that different than a good book. Yes, a book will take you to places and to realities that we may never be able to go in the real world, but then again, we can have our own little adventures in the here and now too. They don’t have to always be big, important, or any special destination to still be an adventure. I have actually started my own new adventure that is stretching me out of my comfort zone just a bit. Maybe some would not call it an adventure, but I think that trying something that you have never done before is definitely an adventure.

Kristi Grimm hand cycle raceThe first week of August, I started training on a hand-cycle. OK, I’ll help you out. A hand-cycle is a three-wheeled bike that you pedal with your hands instead of your feet. Remember I am a paraplegic, so this is a necessity for me. I will also answer the next question that is coming to your mind. “Yes, it is harder to pedal with your hands.” Then again, it has gears just like a regular bike, so I am able to go much faster than I can in my wheelchair. My final goal in this adventure is to complete the Tour de Tucson on November 20th. I have signed up to race in the 42 mile event. I am getting closer. I managed to go 30 miles this weekend.

So I am 41 years old and permanently disabled. I already go running with my son all the time, and participate in 5Ks with him, so what am I thinking? I might be just a little bit crazy. I never rule that out. Then again, I am always looking for ways to teach my son life lessons. Are we ever too old or too disabled to try something new? I am not out to become the next paralympian. In fact, nothing could be further from my mind. This Mommy is not going to be setting any speed records any time soon. I do plan on showing my son that anything in life that you want to do might take some work, and it may not be easy. I am hoping he will see that pushing yourself a little only develops character and the ability to handle obstacles in our lives that may unexpectedly come our way. It is my desire that my son will see this adventure and realize that he too can have his own adventures in life, no matter what his ability level or circumstance.

No, this is not a big adventure, but with these goals in mind, I think you can agree that it is an important one. What adventures can you start? Don’t just read about them, make them part of who you are and what you can share with the people you love.


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