Fellow writers or lovers of the written word

17 Aug

We are all aware of the power of words. We use them every day.  Even sign language is just another way of saying words. Anyone that knows me well, or even a little for that matter, knows that I love to talk. I love people! If I have any free time, I am quick to get on the phone and call someone.

This brings an important thought to the forefront. Words…spoken or written are important, but are they more or less important than listening? Yes, words of encouragement, praise or correction are necessary, but if you don’t listen first you may give the WRONG encouragement, praise or correction. This can be worse than not saying anything at all. Every time I start to write, I am reminded of these simple truths. Why you ask?  Well, I am not always a very good listener. In fact more often than not, I fail badly. Then I am haunted for several hours or days later by all the words that escaped my mouth that most likely could have been said differently, or not at all. When I am writing, I am forced to slow my ADD brain down and think about the words that I am going to put out to the world BEFORE they are already out for display. I am also able to press the ever comforting “delete” button. Oh how wonderful life would be if our mouth could have a “delete” button attached.

One of my listeners - my dog, Bobby!

The wonderful art of listening. I have to say that I am a great admirer of good listeners. Isn’t that one reason we love our pets so much? They are fantastic listeners. Giving us love and devotion without ever “saying” a word! They will sit on our laps or at our feet for hours with the same contented look of pure friendship and compassion with no regard to what our complaints, frustrations or bad habits might be. Some of the most precious people in my life are the ones that will just listen to me “talk.” They love me no matter what comes out of my mouth. Really good listeners have the gift to look beyond your words to your heart. They, in turn, transpose your words to mean what they know you really meant.   Those people are to be treasured! I will probably always love to talk, it is just who I am, but I will always keep striving to find the perfect balance between my mouth and my ears. So in other words..”Words are nothing without a good listener at the other end of them.” Thank you for listening to my words!


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