What inspires you?

10 Aug

To inspire to be more than what you may or may not appear to be.  Our world right now is submerged in the stories and images of the Olympics.  So that is the question.  What inspires you?  Is it an athlete?  Maybe it is a story of triumph over physical hardship or the rags to riches story?

What ever it may be, we all find things that CAN inspire us.  I emphasize that word CAN because we can always choose to NOT be inspired my an amazing event, person, place or circumstance.  I think we sometimes fail to acknowledge this truth.  There are examples of inspiration all around us everyday.  The question is are you going to look at them and give them credit, or just notice what the media tells you to notice?  Don’t get me wrong, the media is not always remiss in bringing to light areas of inspiration.  I just want to encourage the human race to look closer to home sometimes.  For example, the foster child that never found a home, but didn’t let this hardship destroy his spirit.  Maybe it’s just a student that has learning disabilities and still finds a way to go to college.  How about the families that have chosen to bring their aging parents into their home to care for with no regard to the difficulty this might bring to their lives.

Then again, nature alone can inspire us with its artist expressions. I love the Olympics, but I also enjoy finding the little snippets if inspiration that I see everyday. I am still amazed at what God’s greatest creation can, and still does accomplish when INSPIRED!  See how many inspirations you can find today.  They may be closer than you think.  Who knows…maybe you can write about it in a book.


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