Inspiration for “Mommy, Tell Me a Story”

2 Aug

Kristi and Dave GrimmIn 2011, my husband and I started our new journey toward publishing our first children’s book. Now a year and a half later we are so amazed at how far we have come. We have now published two books and our third is completed and will soon be ready to print. To think that this all started from a simple idea from my son.

It was clear after some testing at age six that my son had ADHD. We soon decided that homeschooling was the best option for us. He has enough energy for about five kids so I like to start the day with exercise to help him focus. Because of this, several times a week my son and I go running (he runs-I roll). Whenever we would start, the first thing to come out of his mouth was, “Mommy, can you tell me a story?” This simple statement is not common to just my son.  I am sure every child in the world at one time or another has asked this simple question to someone important to them. I love that you can teach a lesson, change a tear to a smile, inspire a dream, or just help a child pass the time through a simple story. After several years of telling one story after another it seemed only logical to start writing some of them down. Now at the age of nine, my son sometimes listens to his iPod while running, but I have to say that at least once a week I still hear him say, “Mommy, tell me a story.”


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