Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Car

25 Jul

Once upon a time there was a car named Rusty, and his best friend was his husky. His husky’s name was Trip, and he’d sit in the front seat like the captain on a ship.

Rusty and his dog, Trip, love to do one thing together – race! In towns both big and small, Rusty, a flashy red car, and Trip speed toward the finish line. With the rush of the wind and the hope of winning in their hearts, Rusty and Trip round a corner with amazing speed.

The car and his trusty Husky only want one thing – to stay in the lead. But suddenly something big is standing in their way. As Rusty skids to a stop, he realizes that only time will tell if he and Rusty can win the big race!


My husband Dave & I are both AZ natives and currently reside in Gilbert. Dave works for the City of Mesa and I home schools our son, who inspired these stories by constantly asking “Mommy, tell me a story.”  I have written a total of six books with this same theme.  The next one, Mommy, Tell Me a Story About What Daddy Does is coming soon!


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